The youngest of the wineries of the Azzoni Wines group is located in the mountains of Trentino, in a land with a strong wine vocation. The winery specializes in the production of sparkling wines produced with the classic method and is already well-known in the area for the quality of its wines and attention to environmental issues.

Le viti

The winery develops on the left bank of the Adige, where Chardonnay finds the ideal climate and soil for perfect ripening. The Maso is located in the municipality of Ala. Today it is being renovated. A four-hectare forest extends behind it,  beyond which we may find a Chardonnay vineyard at a height of about 500 meters, the highest of the company. Grapes used for Maso Alesiera, the company's Nature, come from here.

The choice of the name LeVide is not accidental: it means "the vines" in the local dialect. It is a very common toponym in Trentino, since in this area the cultivation of vines has a pre-Roman times history.


For the actual generation of the Degli Azzoni family it was a natural decision to be part of wine culture in an area like Trentino, linked to the highest quality of the vine and the particular characteristics of the mountain area. The peculiarities of the soil, climate and exposure are ideal for cultivating a highly refined raw material, on which the oenologist Massimo Azzolini applies his skills acquired over years of work on a daily basis. These are experiences that you can find in the bottles of Cime di Altilia sparkling wine and in the Maso Alesiera, the highest expression of Chardonnay in purity.

Cime di Altilia Rosè

Cime di Altilia Rosé

Trento DOC Brut Rosè
Cime di Altilia Extra Brut Millesimato

Cime di Altilia Extra Brut

Trento DOC Extra Brut Millesimato
Cime di Altilia Brut

Cime di Altilia Brut

Trento DOC Brut Millesimato
Maso Alesiera TrentoDOC Nature Riserva

Maso Alesiera TrentoDOC Nature Riserva

Trento DOC Nature Riserva

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