Wine: a centuries-old tradition that unites Italy.

From Tuscany to Veneto, from Trentino to Marche: Degli Azzoni Wines is an imaginary journey through the enological soul of our country. With our wines we will guide you to get to know very different territories, united by a great winemaking tradition and high quality raw materials.

The wineries of the group are as follows.

Conti Degli Azzoni

Montefano (MC), Marche

Conti degli Azzoni

Logo Conti Riccati

Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Veneto

Conti Riccati

Logo Conte Aldobrando

Pontedera (PI), Toscana

Conte Aldobrando

Logo LeVide

Predaia (TN), Trentino


Logo Prima Fonte


Prima Fonte