First wine lovers, then wine producers.

Our family - Conti degli Azzoni Avogadro Carradori - is the result of the union over the course of the history of three families linked to three Italian regions: Conti Carradori in Marche, Conti degli Azzoni Avogadro in Veneto and Tuscany and Conti Riccati in Veneto.

All the wineries are owned by the brothers Valperto, Filippo and Aldobrando degli Azzoni (in the photo alongside).

A virtuous route... A seven century long love

We have been carrying on the family tradition for generations and taking care of the production of wine from the vineyard to the cellar. A long, delicate process that requires constant care and attention. It is not just about work: wine is an intense love story to us, a passion for the territory and its products.

It is an unbreakable bond that has been consolidated over time and has lasted for seven centuries. An intense relationship, under the banner of respect and sustainability, which finds its maximum expression in the awareness that one cannot ignore the protection of nature and its fruits to be able to produce a quality wine.

Wine is for us an intense love story, a passion for the land and its products.